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10 June 2013 @ 04:08 pm
Hoorah for a new layout!  
It's been a while, hasn't it? I haven't posted anything since 2010, wow. I have also changed a lot compared to 3 years ago. It's almost embarrassing seeing my old posts o.O. You guys know how that goes...If anyone is reading this haha. Don't have many friends on here, but i digress. I am not as interested in learning Japanese/Jpop/Kpop as i was before, which is a blessing in disguise.(My old intro was so embarassing, I sounded like a weaboo) The fanwars 0.0. I won't get into that though. Rather than those things, I have been into other fandoms and media like Game of Thrones, pretty little liars, Vampire Diaries, Star Trek etc. Surprisingly, after the 2009 Star Trek, I didn't really care for Star Trek but after Into Darkness my interest for it exploded!(Hence the layout)So far I have seen the movie 3 times and I hope to see it a lot more when I buy the DVD. I love Star trek and all of the actors now, especially Zachary Quinto. (they're all so gorgeous and talented *.*) I even release a squeal everytime i see a video with one of them in it, I know it's strange but I mean what can you do? lol. I am addicted to Spock/Uhura fanfics. I have probably read over 30(many with over 20 chapters). It is my addiction and my method of surviving boredom this summer. My second method is Game of thrones, which I am also in love with but not as much. It's funny because I have never pictured myself being interested in a show like that but i am so I am excited. I am barely on the third episode of the third season so I'll be careful to stay away from spoilers on the Red Wedding and such. My life has changed a bit, but not drastically since 2010, so I won't really go into that. I still graphic design from time to time when i feel like it, which isn't that often however, if anyone would like to request something I can try. Just PM me asking with pictures and stuff you want in the graphic. I feel a bit primitive because while everyone is using photoshop and I am still using paint shop pro but it works quite fine for me, it's how I made my new header.I kinda want to get back into the graphic design community but at the same time I don't because it's a lot of work and some people can't keep themselves from stealing others work and such, which is ridiculous.
Anywho here's of the list of fandoms/media I am interested in:
SNSD/Girls' Generation
Star Trek(2009 & 2013 movies)(!!!!!)
Game of thrones (I'm on ep 3 of S3)
Harry Potter
Kingdom Hearts
Pretty Little Liars
Vampire Diaries
Morning Musume(sort of!)
If you are interested of any of these or not I don't even mind, hit me up and we can chat as I always like meeting new people on social media sites like LJ.
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