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23 January 2010 @ 05:04 pm
Konnichi wa meh amigos!  
Hey guys i feel like i need a new start somehow.Alot has changed ah lets see

-love 2ne1(my favorite k-pop group now)
-i have a loving boyfriend
-almost no friends boo me
-i have no websites
-im not so great at designing anymore
-my confidence is slightly up
-i want to be more involved in japanese and korean stuff
-and im learning being me isnt so bad
-im in love with forever 21
-and in love with shopping and music but is broke XD

i feel a revolution coming on dont you ^_^I think im gonna join more korean-pop communities and design more often.Anyway ive been interested in 2ne1 lately the korean group.My favorite is mimzy and i like CL too anmd i wonder why bomb always wears short dresses at preformances...always lol But we love her anyway Im thinking of changing my layout to something 2ne1....ill think about it
Im kinda over Big Bang though i think their falling apart and YG ruined their image sigh i know it sucks but if i like a girl group better at least now i can search for the clothes they wear i think bombs the more stylish one i always love her hair makeup and outfit ^_^.Anyway stay tuned more to come
ciao for now oh yeah watch this i love it just adorable