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26 September 2009 @ 03:15 pm
absolute boyfirend  
I just finish reading the manga series absolute boyfriend again i cried alot xD it made me really sad(hints the crying) anything i was gonna finish the manga fruits basket but i gotta headache from reading absolute boyfriend on the internet xD i totally recomend this book if you wannna read it the japanese name is "zettai kareshi"
heres the description(by me ^__^)

After getting rejected multiple times by many good-looking guys riiko Izawa went to a "nighly lover series" site and ordered a boyfriend firgure out of curiousity next day a naked guy in a box is delivered to her house.She activates him with a kiss and he says he wants to be her boyfriend!They go on amazing adventures day to day and runs into many obstacles.A cute fun story filled with comedy and romance.Story and art by Yuu watase.

:) thats it for now i think ill make some new icons LOL

</a> <--Absolute boyfriend