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23 September 2009 @ 07:37 pm
Im back baby.  
Its been a long time comin be we here now we bout set the roof on fire baby (uh oh)you better get yours 'cause im gettin mine!-2NE1

Im back :) i havent updated in the longest time but im back i have nothing else to do anymore anyways life feels kinda meaningless(not to sound emo)but yeah.Ive closed all my sites including big bang online so im sorry im stuck with this username but if i change it noone will recognize me xD.*sadness* So lately heres all the asianess activity ive been doing since ive been gona ive been listening to more 2NE1,utada,and boA thats about it xD im made at big bang their music started to suck xD so im sad LOL ive also been watching seasons of yu yu hakusho which is the funniest anime like ever next to XL saga but that gives me a headache XDLOL ive been reading mangas and drawing anime more ive been reading fruits baskets,yotsuba,pretty face,and strawberry 100%(thats all the manga i have xD) i wanna get a bigger range lol
also id like to adress a certain issue

G-DRAGON PLEASE STOP CHANGING YOUR HAIR WHY COULDNT YOU KEEP IT BROWN! for heavens sake not he only looks hot half the time with his blonde hair xD

anyway ive been writing a harry potter fanfic for months now(xD) i dont want it to come out bad ill post it to a community when im down though lol
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